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Thanks for visiting!

I am currently only breeding Pekins, if my website shows hatching eggs, please do not buy them online, I have tried to take my hatching eggs page offline but it still shows and I have to refund each time which actually costs me money each time. 

Welcome to Ladywell Poultry.

I breed high quality bantams and large fowl poultry, we have a large selection of breeds available. I sell hatching eggs, day olds through to POL.

I have been breeding poultry for the past 19 years, since I was 10 years old. I have kept poultry all my life.

Hatching eggs are now available online, these are also available for collection, if you would like to collect eggs then you do not need to purchase online, just contact me and I can organise this for you.

I will hopefully, soon be stocking all the items you need such as incubators, feeders, drinkers and brooders as well.

At the moment, I do only have day old chicks through to 7 weeks as due to high demand, everything older has now gone.

All the pictures on the website are of my own birds and are watermarked for this reason, please do not use them without my permission.

Salmon Faverolle Large Fowl

Lovely, large docile breed, excellent layers and are also dual purpose, cockerels can be used for meat and the hens for laying.

Exchequer Leghorn Large Fowl

Very active, excellent layers. Leghorns are quite good at going upwards so the clipping of wings is recommended. They lay a white egg.

Salmon Pekin Bantam

These are one of the many colours of pekins that I keep, not the best layer but very friendly, ideal pets for children or a small garden, they have feathery feet which can stop them from doing too much damage to the garden.