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Salmon Faverolle

These are a French Breed of chicken but once they entered the UK, they have been further altered. They were used as a utility breed in France, Cockerels for meat and hens for laying. German Faverolles also exist but ours carry their tails higher then the French and German counterparts. They lay very well and quite large eggs, they have 5 toes on each foot and also have feathered legs and beards. The chicks hatch with beards.

Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantams

As with the Columbian Wyandotte they also originated in the US. The Silver Laced is the original variety of the breed. Wyandottes should also have yellow legs. Wyandottes lay very well and also make excellent mothers when broody, I have had some varieties that are constantly broody and others that don't seem to ever go broody.

Salmon Pekins

One of the many varieties of pekins here. The original pekins were said to have been stolen from the Emperor of China! Pekins now come in many standard and non standard colours. UK pekins are the smallest in the world, in the US, Europe and other countries they are much larger. They make great pets for children as they are easily tamed and also make great mothers. Salmon is a non- standard colour.

Exchequer Leghorns

The Leghorn breed originated in Tuscany, Italy. They are a fantastic layer of large white eggs. They are also very good foragers and will spend hours hunting for bugs. They are quite a light bird which makes them good flyers, usually if no high fence is available then a wing would need to be clipped.

Lavender Pekins

Lavender pekins are a standardised colour, the offspring off my lavenders do not seem to be showing dark heads which a lot of females do show.